Shivoham Shankara released

If you are familiar with India’s great ascetic, philosopher Shankara (8th century), this album of his poems will delight you.

If you don’t know Shankara, this is an ideal introduction: the crystalline voice of Aparna Panshikar, the flights of Bhargav Mistry’s sarod against a delicate wall of sound illustrate, with apt minimalism, the great beauty of Shankara’s mystical poems.

The 36-page booklet has the original sanskrit texts (in Roman characters) translated in English, delightfully illustrated by ace-photographers Roland & Sabrina Michaud. Deeply moving, almost timeless.

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Over 50,000 copies sold around the world
Best-seller in Indian category at Virgin Megastores, France in 2005-2006

Distributed by Silk Road Communications

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