Mistry & Rossi – Road to India Released

Sarod player and composer Bhargav Mistry – the composer behind the band “Shivoham” (listen to the sublime and austere “Shankara”Shankara and the lush, grandiose “Shanti Mantras”Shanti mantras (Peace Mantras)), takes here a break to enjoy a carefree handling of his sarod in Cool Jazz mode, inviting us to a pleasurable Easy Listening session.

This Indian Fusion project came as a breath of fresh air for jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist Corrado Rossi who composes regularly for film and television and whose style reveals a great kinship with Eric Serra’s soundtrack of the 80’s Le Grand Bleu – (Big Blue which was also film director Luc Besson’s first international blockbuster) – and adds a cinematic quality to Mistry’s sarod blues.

These tracks, entirely composed and recorded via Internet, are bright and carefree and illustrate the lifestyle of modern urban India. They could make a great sound score for images of contemporary India. (from Amazon reviewread more)

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