Shivoham Shanti Released

Shivoham is a band with industrial designer-cum-Sarod exponent Bhargav Mistry at its centre.

After its successful album Shankara, which musically explored poems of Adi Shankaracharya, Shivoham is now back with another album that concentrates on ancient Shanti Mantras.

The purpose of the album released by Silk Road Communications, says Mistry, is to re-interpret and transmit to the new generation some of the oldest prayers of mankind which have travelled from generation to generation through an unbroken chain of oral transmission.

The album is the result of collaboration of an international group of musicians. It has French Saxophonist Luc Joly, Iranian composer/performer Pedram Derakhshani who has played the Daf, Iranian Sitar and Iranian Santoor, and Korean master Kim Jung Wook who has contributed to some of the tracks with instruments like Kayagum, Aejang, Daegum, Haegum and deep low drums.  (excerpted from interview by Utpal Borpujariread more…)

Distributed by Silk Road Communications

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